Castelo do Mar
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Espirito do Mar - Superior Villa with Jacuzzi

The Superior Villa with Jacuzzi is located on Madeira in Estreito da Calheta, which is a 5 minute drive from the most famous beach of Madeira ("Praia da Calheta"), containing 177 m² including 2 terraces, 1 balcony and 1 honeymoon suite including 1 (of2) bathrooms.

What’s your daily highlight?

The honeymoon suite with 1 bathroom (also 1 bathroom on the ground floor) and our spacious superior whirlpool is always prepared for our guests ... the other bedrooms are closed for reservation in case you have booked for 2 people to ensure maximum comfort and privacy. For groups we open the necessary amount of bedrooms.

Enjoy the sound of the water in your jacuzzi while having a hydromassage after having a perfect levada walk with one of the most magnificient views worldwide!

Enjoy Madeiras best sandy beach, having a daily bath in the atlantic ocean with a water temperature between 20-21°C in winter and up to 25-27°C in summer! 

Enjoy Madeiras sun in winter! The region of Calheta and Paul do Mar is the warmest region in Europe in winter with a usual daily peak temperature of 20-21°C in winter.

Enjoy the comfortable and not too warm summer on Madeira with a perfect peak temperature of 28-30°C.

Enjoy 1 of the 4 sleeping rooms -  every room contains a moscito grid!

Feel free to use one of your two terraces: One in front of your kitchen and one terrace with jacuzzi in front of the upper sleeping room.
The extraordinary garden contains 50 different tropical palm and plant species.

Where to find Espirito do Mar?

Please click here to open google maps.

Always prepared for you:

The honeymoon suite, containing ...

...a 180x200 cm solid bed made of wood beams,

...spacious kitchen with dining area, 

living room with flatscreen TV with Netflix and amazon prime,

...2 bathrooms with shower each,

...1 terrace with superior jacuzzi and sun terrace and 2x2 deck chairs, 

...1 terrace with dining table, 6 stairs and garden sofas for 4 persons, 

...1 washing room with washing machine and dryer

,,,Internet/Wifi up to 50 Mb/s,

Always prepared in case that you're booking for more then 2 persons:

Upt to 3 bedrooms: We prepare 1 bedroom per couple or per person (per person without costs but message required via Mail or WhatsApp +491792062159), including

...1 bed per bedroom

...bed linen and 2 toppers for the 2 sofa beds in the sleeping room will find possible space for 1-10 people - but recommended for maximum 8 persons.

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Please find a complete video guide (1 min) of "Espirito do Mar" here - on instagram

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