Castelo do Mar
& Espirito do Mar

Walking from Castelo to Ribeira Brava

 Note what is important for every footpath everywhere on Madeira: 

1. Use at your own risk!

2. Please do not use any footpath when it is raining! 

Normally the path visible on the following pictures used to be the footpath. But due to some rockfall (see the next picture) and a neighbour having a juristical struggle with the "Camara of Ribeira Brava" (the town) depending to the ownership of 200 m of that road right now it's allowed just to take the yellow path, 100 m through the bananas.  Walk up the street from castelo to the next T-crossing, there turn left till the small caban with the grren roof (see next picture). There's a gate also. Directly in front of the gate, a staircase leads down (see photo). The stairs end in the banana plantation. Just walk the 100 m through the bananas until you are back on the gravel path! And remember well where to enter the bananas if you want to walk back the same way!