Castelo do Mar
 & Vivenda do Mar

Points of Interst (POIs) on Madeira

Castelo do Mar

  • please click here to find us on google maps: Castelo do Mar Madeira, Caminho do Galvao 49, 9350-406 Tabua, Ribeira Brava
  • to navigate we advise using google maps in 2023. Many roads on Madeira have been renamed during the last 10 years (old adress: Castelo do Mar MAdeira, Caminho da Corujeira 49, 9350-406 Ribeira Brava) navigate by searching for the distanation and NOT for the road! These problems do have most POI's on Madeira, also Castelo do Mar, Vivenda do Mar and Espirito do Mar!
  • finding 4 suites therefore 2 apartments available via elevator. To find your apartments please click here to see the floor plans.
  • access for the roof terrace on 3rd floor just for the guests of C2 and C3! C1 and C4 have its own terraces
  • due to the nature stone within castelo, the temperature is whole year constant 23°C +/-

Where to leave my car? How's the parking situation? Where to leave my garbage?

Parking at Castelo

The parking situation is very comfortable! 

  • The street is an end street. 
  • Cars can be parked on the curb in front of the Castelo (see picture). In this case, there are still 3 m driving width - enough for all neighbors and the garbage truck to pass.
  • Within 50 m range you're going to find your parking space!



Where to bring my garbage?

  • please NEVER leave your garbage inside castelo
  • on this side of Madeira / at Ribeira Brava every block of houses / every street has garbage tons NOT for one house but for every block/suburb.
  • so please bring your garbage to the containers you're going to find 150 m before arriving at castelo at the right side here or if leaving to your left side (see plan).

IS a car necessary on Madeira?

-> We strongly recommend to rent a car on Madeira!

-> We strongly recommend to rent a car on Madeira!
-> all rent a car companies can or can supply you with a car at airport or offer a shuttle service to their parking places!
Recommended rent-a-car companies:
- Recommended is! Our guest get my personal code to get a better price!
- motorbike rental: or www.4& but be aware: Roads with gradients of up to 100%!
- I'm sorry to say that we  STRONLGY NOT RECOMMEND SIXT on Madeira due to our experiences and guest experiences!

-> all rent a car companies can or can supply you with a car at airport or offer a shuttle service to their parking places!

What is the "MUST HAVE SEEN"?

Which are the most recommended POI's on Madeira?

 Well...where to start...Madeira chose us to stay...we love the nature, the people, the climate and our locations...


Where's the next supermarket?... next to Castelo do Mar

 Continente Modelo, Sitio da Meia Légua, Ribeira Brava (biggest selection, 6,6 km distance, 11 min by car)


Most recommended restaurants around Castelo do Mar (by distance)

 Restaurante 100 pressa, Tabua (2km/4 min by var, 1,4 km/26 min walk - perfect price)


<- restaurants direction west/ direction Calheta

 Brasa Brasil, Lugar de Baixo (3,2 km/6 min by car, 4,7 km/1h16 walk - rodizios/meat all you can eatbut also try the potatoes with 4 cheese sauce and the Feijoada)


-> restaurants direction east/ direction Funchal

 Restaurante Santo António, Câmara de Lobos (19,1 km 22 min - perfect espetada/meat skewers, grand menu variety/typical madeirense kitchen)


-> direction north

  • Restaurante/Bar Da Ribeira Da Laje (30,3 km/38 min - when he left Seixal beach we were seaching for him till we found him again! But beware: in November-February in the north there's sun just between 11-13 o'clock because of the mountains)


Which beaches are worth visiting?
Where can I swim on Madeira?
Where is the sea warmest on Madeira?

South coast beaches are usually warmer then north coast beaches

 Praia da Calheta (14,4 km/19 min - 5-star-sahara sand beach, perfect to swim, warmest water on Madeira, water temp 24-26°C in summer and 20-22°C in winter, 2 beaches easy to swim from one to the other with harbour, restaurants, bars, bistros, pingo doce supermarket beside)


North coast beaches are usally colder - in winter there's just sun for 2 hours between 11-13:00

 Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools, Porto Moniz (37,3 km/48 min - a must see! But beware and check 3 things before:

  1. Check the temperature at Porto Moniz first
  2. Check if there's sun at Porto Moniz
  3. Check if the tides/waves are less than 2m high e.g. via Windfinder app


 Seixal beach (29,1 km/39 min - natural black sand, perfect for sufing or bodyboarding if the tides/waves are higher the 1 m)

  • Praia da Laje, Seixal (30,3 km/36 min - small unknown stone beach, perfect to swim with good restaurant beside)
  • Santana Cable Car (60,5 km/59 min - not recommended to swim but a 5-star-panoramic view...)


    Walking on Madeira! Where to find best walking tours on Madeira?

We recommend the walking app komoot to install on your smartphone to choose a walking tour suitable for you by distance and altitude to walk and by quality of the path.

Be aware that there's no Madeira weather! So you can start your day swimming in Calheta with water and air temperature in the lagoon of 22°C in Calheta and find snowy rain by 4°C on pico ruivo with 1.861 m altitude the same day. In winter you can find all 4 seasons on the island the same day! Every bay usually has its own weather!

If you want to start one point and getting picked up by a taxi on another point please visit thsi site: ther are alos many round tours without necessarity booking a taxi. See the follwoing recommendations:

 Our favorite tour is including levada do alecrim, cascata do risco (waterfalls), 24 fontes (springs/waterfalls), and feeding the birds and geckos at Rabaçal Nature Spot Cafe (just with unsalted crushed nuts on the flat hand - but beware: bread can kill the birds!, the geckos prefere bacon) on 1/3 and after 2/3rd of the tour. Also take your swimwear with you: But beware not to jump in the poços (bassins) - water temp is a bit lower than you think... To start: Best leave your car here.

  • Calhau e ruinas de São Jorge: Leave your car here. If you are not afraid passing the sign "beware of falling rocks" you don't have to walk the same way back. 1,5 h if you are fit! But beware 150 m up and down on small slicy stairs and possible rockfalls like on many tours. The panoramic view is worth everything!
  • Levada dos Balcões, Ribeiro Frio and Levada do Furado, Ribeiro Frio - spectacular! But take warmer clothes with you!
  • Pico Ruivo, 1861 m altitude - highest point and highest mountain on Madeira. If it rains on the rest of Madeira, it might come as a surprise: In winter it is possible to find snow with sun ... depending on the temperature and the height of the clouds.
  •  Fanal Pond / Fairy wood / Lantern pond: Parking here. Who would have expected woods like in switzerland or austria with bearded pines and cows on the "alpine / madeiraine" meadows?


....a lot more tours for the 3.000 km of levada trails you will find with your walking app or in your guidebook.

What do you recommend for Cave lovers and Cavers?


Where to go shopping? What to do in case of (very rare) bad wheather? Where to leave my car visiting Funchal harbour and Funchal Downtown?

 Several big shopping mals in Madeira are waiting for you! Also Portugal with its harbours seems to be interesting for chinese warehouses to establish shops with imported goods from china; On Madeira most next to MadeiraShopping but also in Funchal and in or next to the small shopping malls in Caniço and Ponta del Sol.

  • MadeiraShopping is our favorite with its cinemas perfect quality restaurants wher you can try mexican (Taco Bell) and also traditional portuguese dishes, but also Burgers (Burger King and McDonalds) and Pizza (PizzaHut).
  • Forum Madeira has more or less the same size like shopping Madeira but on 4 floors also with cinemas on top floor.
  • "LaVie" Central Parking and Shoppingmall: Beware of December/christmas rush hour: 17:30-20:00. La vie and also
  • AnadiaShopping are both good to get a feeling for portuguese life and maybe not just to leave your car there... If you buy something below 15/30,- EUR at Pingo Doce you get a better price for parking.
  • CR7 Museum to leave your car: If you ask... what's CR7 standing for? ...don't ask on Madeira, please ;-). Christiano Ronaldo number was no better visit the museum ;-). Christianos mother is still living on Madeira...


What do you recommend in December or January?

Are the christmas markets worth a visit?

 ...short answer: Yes Madeira is famous for its christmas market in Funchal! But due to the lights some other destinations on Madeira are worth visiting! The christman markets you find from 1st of december till 8th of January.

  • Christmas market at Funchal harbor promenade at night (due to the solar energy, electricity is not expensive on Madeira: The fairy lights throughout Funchal at night are spectacular: carousels, hot chestnuts and Christmas stands in fronz of one to 4 biggest ocean liners in the world, starting in mid-November). Best to leave your car at CR7 Museum.
  • Parque de Diversões Santo Antônio is for young and old - time to be a teenager again ;-).
  • Christmas market at praia da Calheta... a lot smaller then Funchal...but Calheta by night is magnificient...


How to reach Castelo do Mar without driving licence?

Driving by bus on Madeira (not recommended)
The bus system on Madeira exists in fine grid in Funchal and its suburbs via the Horários do Funchal - Transportes Públicos, S.A.. to find on The whole island is connected to the route network of Rodoeste; but it's not a fine grid: The bus stops are up to 5 km distance one from another. To know where the next busstop is, please search for "Rodoeste bus stop" or just "bus stop" on google maps! The next bus stop is a 45 min walk from Castelo!
-> So, driving by bus on Madeira is an option, but only for those who can walk well and not for those arriving or departing with large luggage.
Driving by taxi on Madeira (recommended)
We strongly recommend to take the traditional way by pone call! Specially for new year holidays or summer holidays there's no other way if you want to get your taxi! 

To name some taxi companies:, tel.+351 967 020 359
Táxis Sónia & Armando, tel. +351 966 265 892
Horácio M. F. Abreu - Sociedade Unipessoal Lda., tel. +351 967 019 956
For the rest of the year there're several aps, trying to organize you a taxi...sometimes with more or less success...In case somebody is calling or even paying more, he or she have priority it seems. Many tranferres have been cancelled in the past. To name some: (NOT recommended) (NOT recommended)